Friday, April 24, 2009

Latest staff movement


1. Mr. Abdul Razak promoted from JTMP U36 to JTMP U38 (Hospital Miri)
2. Mr. Hon promoted from JTMP U32 to JTMP U36 (Hospital Miri)
3. Mr. Lucas promoted from JTMP U29 to JTMP U32 (PK Miri)


1. En Sharizal (Peg. Sains) transfer out to Putrajaya
2. Ms. Stellanie transfer out to Central Lab Kuching
3. Mr. Kassuma (PK) transfer out to Central Lab Kuching
4. Ms Kiew Fong Kiok (from PK Kapit) transfered in to PK Tudan
5. Pn. Hjh Kartina (from CML) transfered in to Hospital Miri

p.s. PK staff, please send me your lab activities photos to update this blog. email

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