Saturday, February 6, 2010

SMC Sports Day 2010

Our Man in Action!

The crews.

The runner.

The actress/actor.

The manager from Dubai.

The sports man.

The flagger.

On the track.

Veteran crews.

Sport man.

Sport man.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Malam Mesra Persatuan JTMP Miri 2010

27 January 2010
Imperial Hotel Miri

Friday, April 24, 2009

Today's Photos

Biochem's Staff Group Photo

Fowler & Chris

MLT trainees attached to Biochem.

Susan & Cecelia in Cytology

En. Sharizal, the last day in his office.

The crews of Biochem Section.

Latest staff movement


1. Mr. Abdul Razak promoted from JTMP U36 to JTMP U38 (Hospital Miri)
2. Mr. Hon promoted from JTMP U32 to JTMP U36 (Hospital Miri)
3. Mr. Lucas promoted from JTMP U29 to JTMP U32 (PK Miri)


1. En Sharizal (Peg. Sains) transfer out to Putrajaya
2. Ms. Stellanie transfer out to Central Lab Kuching
3. Mr. Kassuma (PK) transfer out to Central Lab Kuching
4. Ms Kiew Fong Kiok (from PK Kapit) transfered in to PK Tudan
5. Pn. Hjh Kartina (from CML) transfered in to Hospital Miri

p.s. PK staff, please send me your lab activities photos to update this blog. email

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Farewell and Welcome ...again

Wow! so many people in the lab!!

Appreciation gift to En. Sharizal from Pn. Nur Afiah

.....and Ms. Stellanie

Certificate of Appreciation from Chairman of Persatuan JTMP Miri, Mr. Gumbuk

Now, Hi Tea time.

Sharizal, Stellanie and their frenzs.

These are some 'unrelated' people.....

Good bye and take care for Sharizal and Stella. We will always miss you all.

We also have 3 new MLTs, Cik Suriati, Cik Samsiah and Mr. Moses, all are still bujang. Welcome to our big family.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ahing Transfer to Kuching

Ahing was transferred to Central Lab Kuching on 1st April 2009.

Presentation of Persatuan JTMP Miri's Cert of Appreciation to Mr. Ahing by Mr. Gumbuk

Group photo from left: Sapiee, Linda Dr. Manju, Ain' Jenny Gumbuk, Ahing Lihan, Hon

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last Day of 2008

Wow! We are reaching the end of 2008. Tomorrow, we are going to throw away the old almanac, old calender, start the new numbering of our specimen record. Everything going to be and new! But now, let we see what we are doing on the last day of 2008.

11:45am Hii & Norha at Phlebotomy counter.

11:40am Bouncer Awang 'sucking' blood.

11:00am Ali & Christina at specimen reception counter.

11:20am Farewell Group Photo
From left: Isah, Khadijah, Hussin, Sharizal, Superman, Dayang

11:05am Lily at Blood Donor reception counter.

11:10am Mr. Sapiee updating blood donors record.

10:45am Hussin answering call from ward. Today is his last day in Miri.

11:55am "Isah, cepat, patient waiting!"

10:45am Mus updating OT claim. The last day of 2008.

11:40am Nuraein & Su: "Uh! Busy."

11:15am Sapiee with our sweet Pegawai Sains.

Gift from En. Hussin. (Everybody have one!)

Gadis manis Biochem.

Wire loop on standby.

11:50am En. Muhd Taufiq 'managing' stool and sputum.

12:05pm Busiest area in the lab. (see the big calculator?)

Ratu-ratu cross-matching in Blood Bank.

Blood bank staff taking photo with Ms Lee, she is leaving for her Transfusion Medicine Post Basic examination in KL.