Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last Day of 2008

Wow! We are reaching the end of 2008. Tomorrow, we are going to throw away the old almanac, old calender, start the new numbering of our specimen record. Everything going to be and new! But now, let we see what we are doing on the last day of 2008.

11:45am Hii & Norha at Phlebotomy counter.

11:40am Bouncer Awang 'sucking' blood.

11:00am Ali & Christina at specimen reception counter.

11:20am Farewell Group Photo
From left: Isah, Khadijah, Hussin, Sharizal, Superman, Dayang

11:05am Lily at Blood Donor reception counter.

11:10am Mr. Sapiee updating blood donors record.

10:45am Hussin answering call from ward. Today is his last day in Miri.

11:55am "Isah, cepat, patient waiting!"

10:45am Mus updating OT claim. The last day of 2008.

11:40am Nuraein & Su: "Uh! Busy."

11:15am Sapiee with our sweet Pegawai Sains.

Gift from En. Hussin. (Everybody have one!)

Gadis manis Biochem.

Wire loop on standby.

11:50am En. Muhd Taufiq 'managing' stool and sputum.

12:05pm Busiest area in the lab. (see the big calculator?)

Ratu-ratu cross-matching in Blood Bank.

Blood bank staff taking photo with Ms Lee, she is leaving for her Transfusion Medicine Post Basic examination in KL.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another farewell Hi-Tea...En. Hussin

December is a rainy and farewell season... En. Hussin has served 3 years in our lab. Tomorrow is his last day in Miri. We wish him all the best & happy reunion with his family in Kuching.

Hussin delivering his farewell speech.

A little farewell gift from us.

En. Gumbuk presenting a certificate of appreciation on behalf of MLT association Miri.

We pray before the ceremony start.

Our today's MC.

Sharizal on behalf of Biochem section, express his appreciation to Hussin.

En. Abdul Razak giving motivation speech before we enjoy the foods.

Following are today's menu:

Beef & Chicken satay.

Fried bihun.

Chicken wings. (only 2 pieces per person allowed!)

Traditional Sarawak Mee goreng.


Our new Med Lab Techs. Ms Hii & Christina. Welcome to our family!

Cik Norha in Blood Bank.

Cik DNB with her agar-agar.

En. Hussin saying goodbye to his brand new Roche (spell like Porsche!)

Do u belive this guy live in our lab now while not on show.

Latest orang bujang (young man).


Monday, December 29, 2008

Already sign-up your Gantian Cuti Rehat option?

Last date to pass up is on 31st December 2008. So hurry up if you wish to ops for 150 days GCR (and of cause ... annual "leaves" 25 days max!). Further info, please visit JPA website at

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Latest: Hussein will transfer to Kuching on next month (Jan'09). We will have another farewell party on 30th Dec (next Tuesday). Please take note.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Malam Mesra JTMP 2008 (12.12.2008)

Malam Mesra JTMP Miri 2008 was celebrated in conjunction with the 1st Anniversary of Persatuan JTMP Miri. Persatuan JTMP Miri was registered as an NGO on 11 October 2007. The faudation of the association is to unite all the Med Lab Tech in Miri and throughout the state. Happy Birthday to all of us!

Chairman En. Gumbuk (Left), Siti Jok (Right)
Pn. Suzana with her lucky draw hamper.

Our retired vateran Med Lab Tech Mr. Hii presenting hamper to Pn. Malina

En. Abdul Razak (Ketua JTMP Miri) and our "bouncer" Awang.

Cik Khadijah currently still bujang.

Mr. Teh with his lucky hamper.
Our big family.

Latest song from En. Sapiee Sulaiman.
Freindship forever.
Dun know how to describe.

Suzana & Nuraien.

Very senior MLTs gathering.
Bouncer Awang's solo photo.

Mus & Zameen.

Awang & Lai.
Ladies MLTs.

Ladies in black & SEXY.

Cake cutting ceremony.

Siapa punya?

Siapa punya?

Dia orang punya (from left Siti, Dygku Ramlah, Thomas, Ahing)